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My Name is Brett

I'm a multimedia artist based a couple hours outside of NYC and Philly. For over 10 years, I've adopted every creative talent I could possibly learn with the time I've been given and made a profession out of those that stuck. By day, I work as a graphic designer and web developer for my company, Withjack Designs, but by night, I dive into new and exciting projects and ideas, most popular of which is my DIY video series - Withjack Workshops. It has become the makerspace that fuels my business with everything it needs to help other small businesses stand out in the world.

My YouTube channel started in 2016 when funds were low and I wanted to make Christmas gifts instead of buying them. I have a big family so I got started around June or July. Out of pure curiosity, I decided to give woodworking a try and create time-lapse of each of the gifts. I had a GoPro to film it and a few secondhand tools to get the work done. By the time Christmas came I was hooked on woodworking and handmade gifts, only, my camera skills and general working conditions needed to improve greatly if I wanted this to be a thing. Thankfully I was able to have a place to work by the second season of my channel and so began some of my favorite projects. As I’m writing this, I just reached 75k subscribers and I couldn’t be more excited to see this thing come to life and inch closer to my goal of 100k before I’m 30. Wish me luck and thank you for being brave enough to scroll down here and read all this! My favorite color is orange and I have a chubby cat named Willam who is my whole world.

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Think, Create, Inspire.

The days continue on one after the other and before you know it, you’re a year older and your accomplishments either add up to a proud sum or you’re left reevaluating your goals and resolutions come January. Most of the time the problem comes down to the time, energy, motivation, and general interest we possess. If I could pin my success in those three categories on anything, it's the love for being creative, and wanting to use the talents I've been given to the best of my ability, and as often as possible. My biggest goal in life is to be known for inspiring others to be creative, to be themselves, and to stop at nothing to find out what they're truly passionate about, and following it to the ends of the earth. I design, create, and do a lot of cool and interesting things, and although I'm still young, it is my life's work, and I invite you to be apart of the fun and hope you enjoy it all the same.
- Brett

From the Workshop


A couple years ago I set out on a mission to share with the world my passion for making things, and making it easy for others to follow along and make the items themselves. For the longest time, most, if not all, of my work originated from a computer and I felt there was something missing. My solution was a mix of woodworking and similar type projects. The goal was simple, make something cool and film it in the process. After the first few videos, it became a hit, and I was hooked. I had the camera gear from my love of photography, and the tools came cheap from yardsales and hand-me-downs. All I needed then was a place to work, and to hone in my camera skills. I'll admit, my first videos were not the best quality, but practice makes perfect and as I'm writing this, I'm at the start of my 3rd season with just under 50k subscribers. The skys the limit on this one, and I couldn't be anymore excited about the future of my channel and the doors it will open, but above all else, it is the entrance to my crazy creative life I hope to share more of with the world in the future.

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About My Work

What I love most about being creative is the drive to spread that ability across as many mediums as I can. I never want to focus my efforts on one thing such as drawing or photography, but instead, use my early years to learn as many different creative outlets as I can and then perfect the ones I enjoy the most. Of course, the byproduct of this is having a portfolio filled with things that don't relate, but hey, I love it all the same!